Miscellanious Items for the Party

Everything we Have


- Tent x3
- Water Cask (50 Gallons)
- Trail Rations (Roughly 45 days worth)
- Silver Stag Amulet x2
- Theodric’s Locked Chest
- Iron pot (Likely with leftover Stew)
- Suit of leather Armor x9 (Medium Sized)
- Suit of studded leather Armor (Medium Sized)
- Dagger x5
- Short Sword x8
- Longbow x8 (with ~160 arrows)
- Masterwork Handaxe x2
- Pelts (Bear, x4 Wolf, x4 Boar)
- Assorted Animal Meats to supplement rations
- Wooden Music Box
- Silver Earrings and Silver Ring
- Polished Wooden crate with 8 bottles of herbal liquor
- Assorted Coinage: 255 GP, 321 SP (locked in Theodric’s Chest)


An assortment of equipment and ‘findings’ to both aid in the Charting of the Greenbelt and to further fund the expedition.

Miscellanious Items for the Party

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