The Settlers of the Stolen Lands

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The Trip to Oleg's
When was the last time you bathed?

The four started in the Brevic city of Restov. The group quickly made their way to the Charterer’s Office, to enlist in a new endeavor. The exploration and mapping of the Greenbelt, an area in the Stolen Lands. After signing a contract with the city of Restov, the four decided to get to know each other!

  • Theodric Vors the Fifth. A rather pompous Cavalier, hailing from Taldor who wishes to settle the Greenbelt for the Empire. Introduced himself by asking “The Elf” ‘When was the last time you bathed?’. Doesn’t play well with others.
  • The Elf- A ranger who is a rather chaotic person, also doing what he wants. Introduced himself as “The Elf”
  • The Sorcerer- Didn’t give a name. Said he can do magic.
  • Manuel. A human who has lived in the Greenbelt. Little is known about him, except he is greatly disturbed.

The first order of business was to make way to Oleg’s trading post. A fortress on the outskirts of the Greenbelt.


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